Under det siste året på Motedesign ved SoFI gjennomfører studentene en avgangsvinsing av sin minikolleksjon. Visningen for 2019 kullet ble holdt på Røverstaden i Oslo. Her kan man se hvordan Alica valgte å gjennomføre sin minikolleksjon. 




People have never been as flexible and mobile as in our time. People move, and often to big cities, and accept to live in small apartments. In order to thrive in small rooms, people choose furniture with smart solutions and own fewer things. It also affects clothing choices. People become more environmentally conscious, and they often buy fewer clothes and also of good quality. My concept fits well with this mindset of living: flexible, sustainable and customizable garments.


I explored how to make unisize/genderless clothing that can dress people of different sizes. The idea is that the clothes can be manipulated on the body; they can be shorter or narrower, and some garments can even be packet, like an built-in backpack in the collection´s trench coat.


My design is minimalistic, but at the same time «smart». I preferred to use fabrics that are woven so that the pattern parts can be laid with both thread directions. In this way I avoided getting much textile waste, which is also more environmentally friendly. The color palette is neutral as a result of more natural colouring which reflects the collection´s focus on sustainable manufacturing. The garments I designed is timeless, and can easily be combined with other trends.


Downsizing is not just a concept, but a lifestyle.

Downsizing av Alica Liebic

Foto: Marthe Buer og Julio Foss